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California State Emissions Testing

Smog tests are of vital importance in the state of California. California has some of the most rigorous air quality regulations in the country, but even after that, most of the state’s air quality is below federal standards for air quality, and strict emissions testing regulation is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to try to change that. Do your part and bring your vehicle in to Grand Terrace Smog Center. Grand Terrace Smog Center provides a full range of smog inspections and emissions testing. We can perform all of the smog testing and inspections required by California state law. Come in today if you need a smog check on your vehicle.

Licensed Certified

We offer nothing less than professional smog testing services that are offered for every vehicle. Whether you have an RV, diesel truck, hybrid or regular vehicle, we will test it!

Quick & Efficient

Out in under 20 minutes!

California State Licensed

ASE Certified

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Smog Testing

Certified Smog Testing Center In Grand Terrace, California.

All Makes And Types

Certified Smog Testing Center In Grand Terrace, California.


We will recommend corrective and maintenance services after the test is complete.

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